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It's really nice to see her with her parents, they seem to have a wonderful relationship (although I'm sure like so many of us, it took a while to get there ... There is a part where they are talking about Margaret having children.You'll have to watch, but the expression in her mom's eyes is so touching. There is also a segment where Margaret is awarded Korean of the Year by Kore Am, which reminds me to go get my subscription! Here's a clip where you meet Margaret's super cute parents ...Doowon Seo on his live radio show in Korea named “Sisa Jeonmangdae” (current news) for about 10 minutes. ” Anyway he asked how I got my name “Maangchi” when I opened the interview with: “Hi, I’m maangchi! Eventually I will collect these interviews on my “About” page, if you’re interested to read them. Tagged: Canada, Doowon Seo, Entertainment/Culture, Globe and Mail, internet news, internet news portals, korean food, New York, New York Korea Times, newspapers, on-line game, radio, South Korea, The Globe and Mail, The Korea Times My monthly letter to my readers includes my recipe roundup, behind the scenes stories & photos, funny & touching stories from my readers, interesting Korean food links, and news about upcoming events!Over the phone, he asked if I had ever expected my recipe videos would be popular like this. ” I mentioned how the name was my character’s name in an on-line game I used to play. I have some requests from Korean TV broadcasting companies, so if you’re in Korea you might see me on TV soon! From that unassuming video in 2007, she's enticed millions of Korean cooking fans with homestyle recipes and how-to videos she directs herself. Some people have never tasted Korean food, but they visited a Korean restaurant with friends and thought it was good. Also, second-generation Korean-Americans, they were raised on mom's Korean food, but they were born here and want to make their own versions of Korean dishes. I have two Korean recipes for fried chicken, 2.7 million views so far. You can read more about that transition in our FAQ.

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"My mom would work late and she would ask me to cook for my siblings.

I’m surprised at the tremendously powerful effect of the Globe and Mail newspaper!

These are the articles that I found on the internet (hehe, sorry, you can’t read it because it is written in Korean, but at least you can see the photo of my face on the kimchi video): Yesterday, Sunday at pm (Korean time was am on Monday), I was interviewed by Mr. No Yeol Kim for the New York Korea Times (“Hanguk Ilbo”) a couple of days ago and this morning they posted this:

Nobody ever questioned it and we didn’t really talk about it.

My brother didn’t even know about it until much later. In terms of identity, I really didn’t acknowledge the Korean side because I couldn’t really without getting into this big, deep story.