Dating tintypes

Unmounted gems usually sold from 10 cents per dozen and around 50 cents per dozen with mounts Similarly mounts were also developed so that ninth plate and sixth plate tintypes (usually slightly trimmed on the sides) could also be placed in carte de visite albums.

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Quarter plate tintypes were also offered in paper mounts, but they were easily damaged so not many have survived.Hi, I have a tintype photo that I am trying to date. In our next post about dating your old family photographs, Colin Harding ... They are stamped "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 ...The soldiers sent these pictures home to their loved ones.The advantages of tintypes over other photographic processes (daguerreotypes and ambrotypes) of that era are that they were inexpensive to produce and the plates were relatively easy to process. The process remained popular until the advent of celluloid roll film and the Kodak camera.