Dating rules 2nd date

Or maybe he’s just as magical as last time, but it’s that’s off this time.

But, despite his credentials, there isn't that spark," said Veronica Grant, dating coach. However, the key is to do something different, be creative, don't be afraid to show personality.And those that "grew on you" ended up turning into ex-boyfriends eventually.So, if you had a first date with a guy and felt a chemistry zing, or found yourself talking for hours and it only seemed like minutes, then you are practically guaranteed a good second date.The trick to having a great second date with someone is to only go out with him if you really are interested in getting to know him better.Sure, we've all heard the advice that you should go on a few dates with someone, even if you feel lukewarm about them, just in case they weren't at their best on your first date.