Dating rapala fishing lures

Chicago rubber; Jumbo Shiner Minnow, Masterlure, Seneca Tackle Company, Roachs Casting Fly Montpelier Vermont Roach; Speed Bait Walton Products New York; J.

Whitehall New York; Blee and Helmkamp Submarine Bait Fort Wayne Indiana; Bings Nemahbin Weedless Minnow A.

is the world's largest manufacturer of fishing lures and other fishing related products.

It is helpful if you have photos, because color and condition are major factors in gauging value and rarity.

Photos can be emailed by using a digital camera or scanned from 35 mm. Another method is to borrow a video camera and shoot closeups of your lures and mail the tape to the address above. Buel, Whitehall, Kent Floater Pflueger Bowersox, "Expert Wooden Minnow" lures, Harris, Chippewa, Nixon, Myers & Spellman, Nifty Minne, Pepper, Pfeiffer, Shakespeare boxes with lure picture on top, Rhodes Wooden Minnow or Rhodes Mechanical Frog, Worden, Kinney Bird, Algers Tantalizer. Florida Lure Manufacturing Company, Eustis, Florida, Jim Pfeffer Florida Shiner, Jim Pfeffer Top Shiner, Fred Arbogast Company Akron Ohio, Baldwin Minnow, Bite-Em Bait Company, Gold Cap Dodger, Brainerd Bait Company, Mills Yellow Kid, Ideal Minnow, Ewert's Artificial Bait, Superstrike Bait Company, Florida Artificial Shrimp, Portage Minnow; Wizzard Wooden Minnow; Wizard Minnow; Hi-Henry Wood Minnow; Portage Minnow; Ketch-Em Wooden Minnow; Pflueger Kent-Floater Kent Floater; The Round Expert J.

Add a strip of bait or Uncle Josh Pork Rind, maybe a stinger hook, too, and it is twice as effective.

White is the number one color with yellow a close second.