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Although disappointed, Jones formed a Southern hip hop group with Bubba Sparxxx, Sean P, Pastor Troy, G Rock, and Timbaland. The beats were eventually used for the tracks "Runaway Love" by Ludacris, "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls, and "This Is the Life" by Tru-Life, among others.and for the record, he is now the self-proclaimed “Prince of the White Girls.” All Hip Of course there has been all type of controversy surrounding the interview you did with us. Do you view the idea of a woman being submissive as negative?I’m just bringing the problem out to the forefront. If you’re in denial and say, “We don’t have a problem,” you will see the divorce rate increase, or you will see [the] marriage rate decrease because it’s already been proven.Right now we’re in the midst of one one of those rare occasions, when Purim aligns with Nowruz (the Persian New Year).Those of you who are fans over at My Persian Kitchen’s Facebook Fan Page may have noticed a bit of back and forth about a certain dish, Reshteh Polow. Pejman mentioned something about liking Reshteh Polow…next thing I know he is booking a flight from Philadelphia to join us on Christmas day and guess what yours truly has promised to make??? Reshteh Polow…as if it all wasn’t enough, Neda requested the infamous Now all of this is nice and dandy, but there was a huge, HUGE issue.

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Polow Da Don: Well of course [they viewed it as negative], because they’ve been taught to think that. A lot of those women who probably feel that way probably came up without both parents, or they are probably in a situation where they are not married now.Pejman khan’s mom, who was also coming to the Christmas day lunch affair, used to teach Persian cooking. Alternatively, it can be a nice lunch or dinner for the next day or you can freeze the leftovers and eat them at another time! However, add more salt than you would normally as the noodles and rice will be cooked together for this dish. As soon as your throw in the rice add the reshteh as well. I got a lot of positive feedback on the My Space page, and emails, and on the IM (Instant Messenger). All Hip So do you stand by your statements? All Hip I think people viewed the Black women not being submissive comment as a negative thing. They linked my comments about the Black family and Black women with the “King of the White Girls” and [the fact that] I dated White girls. So when I was comparing Black women to White women, that has zero to do with me dating White women. Ladies and gentlemen agreed, n****s and b******s got mad.