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Louis XIV French 17th Century gilt carved wood picture frame In need of restoration, but generally for age - good condition.Possibly Frenchoverall 22.5" x 26.25" , 4" thick, and inner aperture 13.25" x 17" Late 18th Century double sweep, French picture frame with no slip frame, large format, shabby chic or for restoration, for oil paintings or watercolours dating around 1790.There are many ways in which the truth can be hidden.Perhaps they have been ‘overpainted’, or suffered from centuries of dirt.

Choose: No Frames Layout Choose: Human Evolution Frames .Then there are the ‘improvers’ who have added to, and amended, original works.I have spent 25 years learning how to spot what might lie beneath the surface but anyone can learn the basic techniques of the art detective.(Indeed, some of our most spectacular frames have been in our inventory since I started the gallery.) Third: There are nearly always restoration costs in order to put the frame in suitable condition.It is an understandable view, yet the reality is slightly different.