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Brisbane might not be the Paris of the south, but the river city has pockets of romance hidden in every corner – you just have to look.

Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41. After that, the two of you can have alone time to share some hot cocoa.It might be easy to get into a rut of only redboxing or netflixing a film for date night – even all date nights.We've done the hard work and compiled a list of six bars where you'll actually be able to talk to your date. We’ve put together this go-to list for creating the perfect picnic in Brisbane. Do something different and turn your date into an adventure. Why not take your other half on a culinary adventure.Imagine watching the sun rise from a hot air balloon with your special someone, or taking a scenic helicopter ride over the Brisbane CBD. Bring out his or her competitive side at a cooking class: if you’re the better the cook – you win, if not then you’ve made it clear who should cook next date night (what a win-win)!