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In 1868 Philip Schou took over the factory and moved the production to Frederiksberg.In 1882 he bought the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and the two companies merged to one.Joachim (1870-1943) and Harald Slott-Mller (1864-1937). They crated the important works of Danish Skonvirke in the coloristic Art faience of Aluminia.Later Nils Thorsson took the manufactory into the new and final era in the period 1928-1969 where it changed name to Royal Copenhagen Faience.

One of the jobs of the Club is to help you identify and date unusual items and find out other relevant information by referring to the Royal Doulton archives.

It feels an early piece and shows signs of a kiln fault, blistering to the lower third of the vase. the condition of both the jar and the inset lid is excellent, with no cracks, hairlines, chips or rubs. C., and is in excellent condition apart from a small glaze chip to the interior rim.

The marks 'Denbac' and '236' are painted in script under glaze on the base. Ref: P225 ~ Price 40GBPThis rare small double-gourd shaped vase, with attractive green and blue glazes over an ochre base, bears the impressed marks to the base: 'Ceramique d'Art de Bordeaux' and 'Cauderan'. Ref: R045 ~ Price 25GBPThis interesting and rare heavy-based little gres vase was made at the Bigot Poterie in 1911. Ref: S042 ~ Price 75GBPThis unusual tall lobed vase comes from the brief production period in the 1930's of 'gres flamme' (stoneware) at a Desvres Faiencerie.

The shape curves round to a flat base, where the clay colour can be seen beneath a grey slip. This piece is shorter and squatter than many from the c1930 pottery production and its shape is emphasized by a dripping blue- brown glaze over the lilac blue main colour. Ref: V038 ~Sold This small, unglazed earthenware, costrel-shaped vase was registered in 1907 as a design for a perfume container, and was made for and marketed by Liberty's of London. C water containers made for agricultural use, with lugs for a corded handle. Unfortunately this very nice piece has been damaged and has an area of rub half way down the body and a small loss of glaze. As Radford retired from Pilkingtons in 1937, it is assumed from the other marks that the production date is between 19. It has the incised mark 'Lemon & Son Weston-s-Mare' in script, and is in excellent condition, with no faults. Ref: P253 ~ Price 20GBPThis well-decorated Watcombe Scandy pattern Tobacco Jar displays the motto 'When work is done, the pipe don't shun', dating from the period 1901-20.

The base is inscribed 'Upchurch' with another squiggle beneath. It bears the impressed mark 'WATCOMBE TORQUAY' to the base. Ref: R063 ~ Price 25GBPThis large stunning jug in the Art Nouveau manner actually dates from the first quarter of the 20th.