Dating for ex mormons

Then you married her anyway, civilly, only to find that when the marriage got rocky, she writes to a "friend" on a mission, convinces him that she loves him, so he promised to " be there for her" when he returns from the mission, never mind that the couple by now has an infant child.You discover the deceit, ask for a divorce, get one, and from that moment on find out that your child is no longer yours, the ex-wife and mishie hubby conspire to hide their whereabouts for the next thirty years, so you have no contact with your child.

While I once considered “ex-Mormon” to be a huge part of my identity, in my current life I mostly use it to explain why I haven’t seen R-rated movies from the ’90s and to get liberal struggle-cred.

I realized during that time of hell that I didn’t need the “gospel” to get me through life.

Utah has some funny statistics despite being nicknamed “Happy Valley”. I remember my brother telling me the reason Mormon men usually date stick-skinny women. There is not a ton of respect on either side if you ask me.

We went to see the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”. I have had men break things off with me for reasons like, “I would love you more if you had served a mission,” or “How often do you read your scriptures..enough” or, “I’m worried because your great grandparents are not pioneers.” or “I need a woman who will raise our children to memorize the articles of faith,” or “I’m worried some day you might drink alcohol.” Well, they were right about the alcohol. My older sister had given me some really great marital advice. Though I did good for friends and family, I was not good enough where it counted.

At the end of the movie Pat declares his love for Tiffany. “If you want to get married you need to just pretend to have a perfect testimony. In every relationship there would come a moment where I got tired of acting and just wanted to be myself. …In a way my stubborn desire to be loved for myself saved my life.