Dating etiquette who pays for what

and adopted as you deem fit: The Groom typically pays for The Bride's rings including the Engagement ring The honeymoon Wedding gift for the bride The marriage license The Groom's men gifts Accommodation for out-of-town groom's men Flowers for the Bride The going-away corsage,corsages for mothers, special ladies; The boutonnieres for men in wedding party The gloves, ties and accessories for the men in the wedding party Fee for clergyperson or judge The Bride's Family typically pays for: The costs of the reception.

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When paying, they get to determine the size and style of the wedding and reception.ultural backgrounds and individual convictions heavily influence the decision-making in Wedding Etiquette.Nevertheless, the following is a general guide that should be construed as such...Also, with many couples marrying later and having money of their own, they are sharing in the expenses.has provided a short and sweet list of new wedding etiquette so you know what to expect from whom!