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I have to sleep on my back in the exact same position every night. My doctors and nurses come by all the time to check on my vitals and give me pills to ease the pain. I don't want to do it again but know I have to. I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from friends, family, followers and complete strangers. You guys know how to make a bruised and weak woman feel on top of the world.Sometimes when I make the wrong movements it feels like my chest is detaching from my body, but all in all, I think my upper half is healing nicely! I finally caught a glimpse of my bare chest during a Face Time call a couple of minutes ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart💗Your prayers, well wishes and good vibes are working🙏🏻 #Les Nip BRCAinthe Bud #Lesleys Breasties #Fight Like AGirl #Breast Cancer Awareness A post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on “I feel lucky because my surgeons only made one vertical incision on the lower half of both breasts while saving skin & nipple,” she added.So while all breast tissue is (hopefully) gone, I retained some of the old me! God is good.🙌🏻💞 #Lesleys Breasties #Les Nips BRCAinthe Bud #Breast Cancer Awareness #Fight Like AGirl A post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on But she admitted it’s not been an easy recovery and she’s had to rely on her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, to care for her. “She also measures my drains twice daily which are the tubes you see coming out of my lovely red apron I never take off.” Kicked cancer's ass before it could kick mine, and my favorite people were very instrumental in the process.👊🏻4•11•17 #Dream Team #Les Nips BRCAinthe Bud #Lesleys Breasties #Breast Cancer Awareness #Fight Like AGirl Photo by Kelley Cooper A post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on The former political consultant, who was on Sean Lowe’s season of the ABC reality dating show made the decision to have both her breast removed after testing positive for the BRCA2 genetic mutation, which put her at a higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. My mom took this photo when I first arrived to my hospital room after surgery. She’s now focusing on her recovery and will have reconstructive surgery in the future. You can spend a few minutes giving them the broad outline of what happened, then move on to something else you’d like to discuss.If absolutely nothing else, this will weed out the kind of guy who would consider your having had cancer four years ago as a strike against you.

There was SO much to digest and I was especially glad I brought a friend to take notes.

Justin (Wally Kurth), Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) will all support Adrienne through this difficult time.

Adrienne’s chemotherapy shrank the tumor, but it wasn’t enough.

This patient presented for bilateral mastectomies, and chose to undergo reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flaps and tissue expanders.

She is seen here before and after skin-sparing mastectomies immediately followed by breast reconstruction with latissimus flaps and expanders, which were later exchanged for silicone gel implants. My divorce became final, I rekindled my career and was finally ready to move forward toward my new life which included dating.