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It's evident to me that more people in my generation have had abuse than they want to admit. Well, I was raised to believe that I was just like my father. How do I break the chains that bind and lead my own blind self?

Rachel didn’t respond though – apparently she wasn’t interested, instead she took a screenshot of the message and uploaded it on Twitter, instantly causing some major backlash.

In Lebron’s defense, the message seemed pretty innocent and he simply wrote, “Hey what’s up.” Regardless of the content of the message, Rachel’s screenshot went viral instantly (and she also nearly doubled her followers over night).

(Country music had more to do with it than rock and roll.) I see the sickness and pain that I endured as a child as a phenomenon spanning accross the "civilized" western hemisphere. Amenrica is sick and economically dereft because of the abuse suffered by today's 20-somethings when we were children. But how do I have sex with a woman and view her as a whole person first?

Grandpa said that it was natural as he started running his fingers up and down my sides. (You also believe that Jesus was NOT born in the spring but was born on a cold winter's night; experts in theology who've studied the Bible scolls all agree that Jesus of Nazareth was born in early spring.) In short you believe everything that you are told by your sacred elders. When your mother and father teach you wrong where does that leave you? I've read Hustler Magazines that are dated from the nineteen eighties and they openly narrated stories of ****** as if they were beautiful events. I was born in 1985 into a Floridian culture of drugs, sex, and the law of omerta.