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The veteran songbird’s alleged boo, drummer Eric Seats, is all of thirty years younger than her and the age gap has people talking, to say the least.The 41-year-old accomplished drummer, whom La Belle had already been dating for several years, has decided to enjoy their time together publicly as of late, prompting rumors of their romance. K.’s The Daily Mail, La Belle originally met Seats when she hired him to join her band as a drummer.The secret is out about #Patti La Belle 41- year old boyfriend that actually moved to Philadelphia to be closer with his boo.#Eric Seats is his name and he is also her drummer.You might remember not too long ago that Sel and bestie Taylor Swift headed to watch the band play at the Palladium in Hollywood, where they had a grand old time taking loads of selfies and singing along to "Hoooomanoomahnuhmah chocolate."But after heading backstage to hang out with the band afterwards, Selena and Taylor have kicked off a whole load of dating rumors, first pairing Taylor with frontman Matty Healy, and now sticking Selena and George together.According to secret sources over at Hollywood, #Georgena are totally "attracted to one another," and have been having a great time getting to know one another on a couple of casual dates. An insider spilled that if Swifty's got anything to do with it, they may be spending a lot more time together: "Taylor is definitely pushing for it [the relationship with George] to blossom into a full-blown romance… and raving about how much fun it would be to double date."It all seems to have kicked off at the right time, as just a couple of days ago Selena confirmed that she's now 100% single again after the world's rockiest relationship with Justin Bieber.

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It is the teacher - a man with all the sensitivity of a US Marines drill sergeant - who tells the drummer the story of Jo Jones and Charlie Parker, adding his own variation on the theme by hurling a chair across the room at his young charge.

Obviously, they have extended their relationship beyond business, but their union hasn’t come without its fair share of criticisms.

Some feel that Seats is with La Belle due to her fame and fortune, but others would say that would be an unfair assessment given Seats’ individual success.

There is a story recounted in Whiplash, the electrifying new film about a young jazz drummer, concerning the night that Jo Jones, the drummer for the Count Basie Orchestra, was jamming on a nightclub stage with a 16-year-old Charlie Parker.

When Parker lost the beat, so the story goes, Jones was so incensed that he threw a cymbal at him, causing catcalls and laughter at the young sax player's expense.