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As announced, the videos of the couple have been deleted.

John Hall (aka Farmer John) brought his goat herd to the farm and assists with the farm's operations. Ty Colliers (season 1) Cordelia Carlisle (season 2) Florina Kaja (season 4) Brandi Arceneaux (season 5) Lea Beaulieu (season 5) Christina Hopkins (season 5) Sydney Steinfeldt (season 6) Shelly Hickman (season 7) Judi Jai (season 7, season 13) Erica Figueroa (season 8) Julie Ofcharsky (season 9, season 13) Zuly Ramos (season 9) Stephanie George (season 10) Valentina Anyanwu (season 10) Jenniffer Hardwick (season 10) Raquel "Rocky" Santiago (season 10, season 13) Tess Mett (season 11) Stephanie Rivera (season 11) Tiana Small (season 11) Shanae Thomas (season 11) Alyssa "Redd" Carswell (season 12, season 13) Jonica "Blu" Booth (season 12) Aysia Garza (season 12) Raesha Clanton (season 12) Kat Florek (season 14) Beatrice "Ginger" Miller (season 14) Olivia "Liv" Adams (season 15) Diamond Jimenez (season 15) Angela Babicz (season 15) Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin (season 16) Kailie Lima (season 16) Zee Carrino (season 16) Kandyce Hogan (season 16) Deshayla "Shay" Harris (season 17) Sayyora Badalbaeva (season 17) Seven Craft (season 17)Ty, Cordelia, Flo, Brandi, Lea, Sydney, Judi, Erica, Julie, Stephanie G, Valentina, Jenniffer, Tess, Stephanie R, Tiana, Shanae, Aysia, Raesha, Ginger, Angela, Elliadria, Kailie, Zee, Sayyora and Seven are bisexual.

Plummer and Roberts are their neighbors and owners of the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, New York, where the series is set. Other contestants Sonique, Kenya Michaels, Carmen Carrera, and Monica Beverly Hillz are transgender women. While in Mexico on vacation his friend outs him as bisexual to two girls on the beach. Christina, Shelly, Zuly, Rocky, Redd, Blu, Kat, Olivia, Diamond, Kandyce and Deshayla are gay.

And for every young person out there you need to know that if you're in trouble, there are caring adults who can help." In September 2011, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer in Buffalo, New York committed suicide after complaining about being bullied for being gay.

In May 2011, he had created an "It gets better" You Tube video for other gay kids not to get discouraged about bullying.

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