Corporate nonliquidating distributions denzel washington eva mendes dating

In this instance Maggy should contribute the entire ,500 and receive a contribution from her employer of ,250 for a total contribution to her 401(k) of ,750. YBU would contribute an additional ,000 to her account (,000 x .5).

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06/30: Redeemed 200 shares of Joe’s stock for 0,000.Lanco paid federal income taxes this year of 6,400.The company’s accumulated E&P at the beginning of the year was ,400,000.However, only the amount of distribution that is in excess of the recipient's original investment is taxable. Unformatted text preview: Because YBU contributes 50 cents for every dollar contributed by the employee, YBU contributes ,280 to Maggys plan (,560 x .5).

Corporate nonliquidating distributions