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The main advantage of the Value Plastics products is the Single Barb Concept.

Many designers are not aware of the point that the barb design greatly effects the security of their tube connection.

Two other problems exist with multiple barb fittings: All Value Plastics products avoid these shortcomings.

Their expert tooling design assures the sharpest edge possible allowing the barb to "bite" into the tubing, Then, the cylindrical surface behind the barb allows the tubing to relax against the fitting.

Alors nous avons imaginé des soirées d’un autre style, qui, en plus des 8 à 10 « tête a tête » vous offrent une animation jeux juste avant les rencontres speed dating. Le Speed-Dating, c'est le rendez-vous idéal pour rencontrer de façon rapide et sympathique des ami(e)s et/ou l'âme soeur tant recherchée.En une soirée, vous rencontrerez en tête à tête de 7 à 10 personnes pendant 10 minutes...Because of the shape of a barb, it is impossible to injection mold any but the first barb without a parting line.This parting line creates a potential leak path, which becomes more pronounced as the tooling wears, and increasing the likelihood of failure.