Com sun xml parser validating parser

A natural language processor would have a parser that identifies the grammatical segments in each sentence.A compiler has a parser that identifies variables, constants, operators, and so on in a program statement.It is possible to override this using the configuration setting , or their API equivalents.Saxon will then use its own schema processor to validate the document as it emerges from the XML parser.This also means you don’t have to touch the properties file found in the jar file.Castor does not currently support introspection of private methods.XSLT is such an extensive topic that there are several books devoted entirely to it.

For those who are using and can’t upgrade, I found a simple workaround (tested with Xerces 2.5). Class Descriptor Resolver cdr = new Class Descriptor Resovler Impl(); ...

Perhaps there is a reason in the Saxon implementation or in the spec that this scenario of validating during transformation vs.

validating afterwards will never produce the same errors.

We have the following scenario using xsl:validation="strict" in a stylesheet.

I run a source document through a transformation which has xsl:validation="strict" on the root element of the output XML, I get the following 4 error messages: But when I run the same transformation WITHOUT the xsl:validation="strict" present, and then validate the transformed output XML afterwards (using an XMLReader), I get the following 10 error messages (which is closer to what I expect to see): Should I expect roughly the same messages to be produced during the transformation validation of the output vs. I am not expecting the text to match exactly, but I was expecting to see basically the same errors caught.