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Social workers, psychiatrists, priests, police officers, doctors and nurses have all corroborated Ammons story, including one incident in which her son was taken to hospital where staff watched in horror as he climbed backwards up a wall before flipping over his mother's head.

Audio recordings taken by police as they went to investigate the paranormal activity also seem to back up the story, as a ghostly voice can be heard whispering 'hey' as the officers talk.

She also appeared in the video game, Def Jam: Icon.

Dolce participated in Axe Deodorant's "Gamekillers" My Space campaign and appeared on the cover of gothic rock band The 69 Eyes' album Angels.

Christine Dolce -- better known as For Bidde N on My Space during its super early days, who amassed over 2.1 million friends -- died from liver failure ... Christine was arguably My Space's biggest star in its heyday -- behind Tom, of course -- and built an enormous following after posting tons of pics with her in racy outfits.

Christine -- who famously feuded with Tila Tequila's crew and built a brand that included a clothing line -- had tried getting help but to no avail.

Later Bagans attended the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan and moved on to become a DJ for wedding parties in Las Vegas enjoying his life thoroughly. He is believed to be of German-Italian-Czech descent.They were reported to have broken up, and he is currently reported to be single, with no word on another relationship.Christine Dolce was born in 1981, making her 29 years old as of May 2011. One of the things that Dolce is best known for is being one of the first celebrities to start using My Space.Paranormal investigation was never in his plans, but during his stay in Michigan, Bagans encountered a spirit in his own apartment which triggered several questions about afterlife and spirits in him, finally deciding to pursue the search for the same.The spirit was that of a suicidal woman with whom he had a face to face encounter.