Christian dating advice single moms

"I was overwhelmed because of the chain of decisions I had made to get me to this point." With her counselor's assistance, Smith figured out how to talk to her family about the pregnancy.

Women’s ministry leaders are often asked how to find a husband, where the good husbands are, and what’s wrong with the single mom who seems to be staying single.The messages are in every magazine, web ad, commercial and billboard- meet your mate here but the content is wrong.It is not about meeting the right person, it is about being the right person.I get to send them down to their rooms for a little while. And if I'm a mess, they're going to be a mess.If I'm trusting the Lord for joy I can't feel but put my hope in, they're right there with me. But in those young years, I had the privilege of showing them what choosing joy looked like, feel like, and sounded like.