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It may (not) be hard to believe—especially given that all three shows were created by either Shonda Rhimes or Lee Daniels—but it seems like network TV doesn’t want to see Black men and women together, or at least not in a healthy relationship. Although ex-con/budding music mogul Cookie Lyon (Henson) has yet to consort with a White lover, in this current season, she had a brief affair with a Hispanic ex-cop.

The notion of Black incompatibility in these three examples is subliminally magnified because all these relationships are juxtaposed with each character having volatile relationships with Black men.

But there’s another, albeit subtle, but definitive, commonality: none of the characters have a romantic relationship with a Black man.On , Annalise’s marriage is an empty shell, causing her to seek comfort in her Black detective boyfriend, Nate Lahey.But she uses him for her own illicit tactics for winning court cases, causing him to resent and distrust her profusely.I just remember getting offstage and sitting down, and my right knee was just shaking from the adrenaline. The first time I moved to New York, I just popped up. So I'll just put in nonsense words till I can bring in regular words again.Actors, you have to wait for people to give you work, or you have to make your own stuff.

Chris rock on interracial dating