Celebrities who are dating non celebrities

Image Source: Sway must be at the top of a lot of women’s list of single celebrities they’d love to date.Sway stays flirting with celebrity women on the air, but when’s the last time you heard of him dating someone for real?Let's face it, when celebrities date each other, it often doesn't work out. Just look at the 30-plus-year marriage between Jeff Bridges and his wife Susan Geston; or the love of Meryl Streep and her husband Don Gummer. He told Madame Noire that when he’s in love, romance is his number one priority.But for now, he’s all about the music…which somehow makes us happy says she’s stayed out of the celebrity dating scene to focus on raising her son.Jessica Alba is one of the most famous celebs with herpes.

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He met a fan who loved his work on stage and dreamed of becoming a scriptwriter one day.

Although you might be rejected, you’ll never know unless you try.

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They stayed together even when he only made a month.“I was captivated by this woman who came to see me perform on stage. She had part-time jobs, and bought me a lot of drinks.

Eventually, I succumbed to her charms and married her,” He said in an interview.

Celebrities who are dating non celebrities