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Yet that’s not stopping Bravo from drenching every Caroline/George detail they can into both their television show and website. After seeing Carole’s bikini body, Morgan added “No wonder Clooney — her for a year.” Carole has since replied to Sonja’s remarks. In using far more “elaborate” words, Sonja Morgan said that Carole Radziwill “dated” George Clooney previously. “It’s true what she’s told a lot of these tabloids recently: that ultimately, we wanted different things,” he admits. , saying: "Russ and I have decided to call it quits," without going into any more detail on the situation.LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Carole Radziwill and George Clooney once date? And this week, she also tells news that she is very skilled at discerning the difference between men speaking Italian and men speaking French, especially when meeting up costars late night.Was Carole dating George Clooney for over a year, driving Sonja Morgan to suggest the same on RHONY? ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

“Russ and I have decided to call it quits,” Carole reveals to Us Weekly.“I’m happily in love, my children are doing great, and I’m feeling better than I have in years” Luann tells news tonight. She told news previously “Do you think I would bring a man back to a houseful of housewives (and cameras) if I were planning on having an affair?” She added “My big mistake was trying to avoid the speculation and assumptions by telling a white lie”.Fans got to go inside the duo's casual relationship this season on RHONY, with Russ -- who plays keyboards and sings with Aerosmith -- dropping in to spend time with Carole when he was not on tour with the band.'s Carole Radziwill has been dating Aerosmith’s keyboardist, Russ Irwin, on-and-off now for some time, so it comes as no surprise that she would star in Russ’ latest music video for his new solo album.