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It’s OK to have fast sets, but be aware of those looking sheepish, worried (no pun intended!

) or shy – sometimes just having some slower tunes or sets played at a more moderate pace can be a great help for inexperienced session players.

Gallery Two November 4 – 19, 2016 We kicked off our 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Collectors Gala with an art-filled evening celebrating Artspace and the Triangle Arts Community.

n 2005, the writer Charles Mc Grath described the decline in exclusive clubs in New York, especially the ones located many stories up, like the famous Cloud Club at the top of the Chrysler Building. "It used to be a rule in New York that the higher up you were in the world, the higher up in the sky you ate your lunch," Mc Grath wrote.

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Their bodies were found on a sofa in their home two days later on Mother's Day, when relatives came over for a gathering.

Both artists are interested in capturing the essence of place through paint and explored this theme with their work in this exhibition.

Gallery One December 2 , 2016- January 21, 2017 After a near-death experience in the water, artist, Charles Williams became fascinated with the emotional and physical power of the natural world.

John Kirkpatrick and Rodney MIller (two of the finest) also agree that a tune can easily be played several times so that you really start to get to know and explore the tune.

Plus it gives those who don’t know it, time to listen and learn.