C errorprovider validating

Right-click on the Text Box then click on "Properties"click on the lightening bolt (Events) icon at the top of the window, then double-click on validating event.

In the "txt_name Validating()" event, if txt_name is left empty then it shows error. The set Error method sets the error description string for the specified control.

Let's say you have a form with textbox control, textbox1.

Place an errorprovider control on the form (it is not a visible control).

To make your application as robust as possible, the best solution to invalid or incorrect user input is to prevent the entry of "bad" data as often as possible.

Validating user input before hand provides a better solution than very complex error-handling code that might add a great deal of resource overhead to your program.

though: The Error Provider component does not provide built-in support for accessibility clients.

Set the Icon for errorprovider1 (warning), errorprovider2 (wrong or cross) and errorprovider3 as a tick mark (for a correct entry).

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The back end system utilizes a parasolid format to then convert to other file formats.

Four basic techniques are used to validate user input: Restriction of allowable values within a control was discussed at greater length in Chapter 2, "Controls on Forms." In addition to simply restricting input to a selection from a list of values, control properties can be configured to further limit possible input values.

Of note are the Character Casing and Max Length properties used in text input controls such as the Text Box.