Britney dating paris

In the same scene the group went back to their house only to discover they've been robbed..Britney and Justin's "boudoir tapes" taken.6.

"I’m fine with the way I am.”Spears said that her friends still try and set her up - although she finds dating difficult and hasn't been on many successful dates.Like, we all remember fashion in that era being whack retrospectively, but it’s so easy to forget exactly how WILD people got, sartorially speaking.Ugghhh, the ’90s into the early aughts always seem like such fun in pictures.I was messing around doing little stuff & recorded myself to see how rusty I am! I paced myself and realized what I can & can't do yet. When Britney Spears walked into a non-descript hair salon on the evening of Feb. 2007, and shaved off her signature long hair, it marked the beginning of one of the biggest public meltdowns in pop culture history.