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But something unexpected happened when the singer known professionally as Cam performed on Live With Kelly – she didn't sing a radio single.

The woman tries to get the guy next to her to give her a kiss.

But when he doesn't budge, she grabs the other guy sitting next to her — whom the video claims is a stranger — and shares a passionate kiss with him.

Killa, Flea, Rico, no matter what you call Harlem rapper Cam’ron, he’s been getting busy in hip-hop for over two decades. G.-associated Untertainment Records (also home to Lil’ Kim), Cam released two albums — .

In a singles-driven industry, it was a bold move to devote three-plus minutes of high-profile TV time to a song few recognized.

While Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and their album-focused brethren regularly dig deep for their TV appearances, female artists on major labels often have to play it safe by playing the single. Rather, she views the singles-focused business model as something to turn on its head and take advantage of.

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