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Incorporating Nutella and marshmallow calzone's with our mouthwatering eggs florentine.BOOK NOW THE CHEF'S PRIVATE DINING ROOM BRUNCH With its stunning antique map walls and orignal beams our Chef's Private Dining Room is the ideal location for your private weekend brunches.Princess Diana was disguised as a male model by Queen singer Freddie Mercury and TV star Kenny Everett so she could be smuggled into a notorious gay bar, according to a new book.

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Turning your afternoon into your evening with a range of delicious cuisine options. , Guys On A Break, Crush Your Head Part 1, Brian's Bombshell, Cabbage Head, Everyone's Friend, Crying Guy, Crush Your Head Part 2, Buddy Cole, But Do You Love *Me*?, Romeo , David Foley's Power/Mark Mc Kinney's Confession, Naked For Jesus, Reg, Crush Your Head Part 3 November 2011This Best-Of compilation feautures fan-favorite characters such as the Head Crusher and Buddy.Princess Diana dressed up as a 'male model' so she could enjoy an anonymous night out at a gay bar with Queen singer Freddie Mercury, television entertainer Kenny Everett and his co-star Cleo Rocos, it has been claimed.Making the claims in her new book, Miss Rocos sets the scene by describing how Mercury had also come round to Everett's flat and the four of them were larking around on Everett's sofa watching The Golden Girls.'Kenny was Blanche, Diana was Dorothy, Freddie was Sophia and I was Rose – we were uncontrollable with laughter.