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“I’m not ready to get married because you don’t respect me,” Travis told Aubrey on the show.

“It makes it impossible for me to trust you completely, and I would like for you to be less selfish, too.” To which Aubrey shot back; “He’s jealous and he creates conflict, hour after hour.” But Travis cuts her off; “It’s not attractive when a woman tells you she’s gonna f–k someone else,” he says, as the room collectively gasps.

The smoking hot 31-year-old revealed that she has split from her boyfriend of over a year, former frontman for the boy band NLT, Travis Garland, 25, via a sexy Instagram selfie. It certainly doesn’t seem like the “Stay With Me” singer is too broken up about her new relationship status, if she can casually mention she’s single at the same time she’s plugging a fashion line.

The former Danity Kane singer and Travis have had a contentious relationship for months but have been trying to patch things up on the reality show A sexy selfie is nothing unusual to see on Aubrey’s Instagram page, but the caption on her June 10 post certainly got people’s attention. Of course she may also have been trying to remind the former boy bander, just what he was missing out on by featuring her hot bod in a very revealing one piece that showcases all of her ample curves.

I hoped we could honestly reflect on what we had been through and the mistakes that were made.

Midway through the first season, three of the eight men (Paul Martin, Mike Miller and Bryan Chan) were eliminated, leaving Ashley Parker Angel, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada (not to be confused with American actor Erik Estrada), Trevor Penick, and Ikaika Kahoano.Therapist, social worker, and relationship guru Dr.Darcy Sterling, relationship coach and author Robert Mack, and flirting expert, international dating coach, and author Laurel House will function as the coaches on Famously Single.You can preorder the album now on i Tunes to instantly receive the instant grat track “Renegades.” The full tracklist and our chat with the songstress from last year are below.Aubrey O' Day's plan of playing the victim in the demise of female R&B/Pop group Danity Kane may be backfiring. “During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate,” writes O’Day.