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The Assyrian people, who are Christians of different denominations and the indigenous people of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, "have been victims of genocide by ISIS (Islamic State) since its rise in the Middle East," Ganjeh writes, pointing to the U. government's formal recognition of genocide on March 17 through a statement by U. The Assyrians of Iraq have long suffered from crimes against humanity, genocide and violations of human rights at the hands of terrorist groups, Yonathan Betkolia, Secretary General of Assyrian Universal Alliance, said earlier in a statement.

"Rape and murder of women and children, slaughter of the elderly, occupation of Assyrian lands, forced displacement of the Assyrians, and using them as human shields are only a small sample of the crimes of these terrorist groups, which unfortunately have yet to be effectively addressed by international human rights organizations and states claiming to defend the Assyrian population."The Assyrian people need Trump's support to return to their ancestral lands and remain a viable segment of the fabric of the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, the letter says."We need your support to equip and train the Assyrians in Northern Iraq to defend themselves and their homes on their ancestral lands in the Nineveh Plains in a self-governed Assyrian province.

It existed as a state from perhaps as early as the 25th century BC in the form of the Assur city-state, From the end of the seventh century BC to the mid-seventh century AD, it survived as a geopolitical entity, for the most part ruled by foreign powers, although a number of Neo-Assyrian states arose at different times during the Parthian and early Sasanian Empires between the mid-second century BC and late third century AD, a period which also saw Assyria become a major centre of Syriac Christianity and the birthplace of the Church of the East.

Centered on the Tigris in Upper Mesopotamia (modern northern Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and the northwestern fringes of Iran), the Assyrians came to rule powerful empires at several times.

An Assyrian woman attends a mass in solidarity with the Assyrians abducted by Islamic State fighters in Syria earlier this week, inside Ibrahim al-Khalil church in Jaramana, eastern damascus March 1, 2015.

Militants in northeast Syria are now estimated to have abducted at least 220 Assyrian Christians this week, a group monitoring the war reported. The world needs "clear direction from the United States for achieving long-lasting peace and security, especially in the Middle East," the letter reads, referring to the use of extreme forms of violence by Islamic State, also known as IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh.

Assyria is named after its original capital, the ancient city of Aššur, which dates to c.

2600 BC, originally one of a number of Akkadian city states in Mesopotamia.

I set up an incense offering on the summit of the mountain, I arranged seven and seven cult vessels, I heaped reeds, cedar, and myrtle in their perfume burners.Assyria essentially existed as part of a unified Akkadian nation for much of the period from the 24th century BC to the 22nd century BC, and a nation state from the mid 21st century BC until its destruction as an independent state between 615-599 BC.They are culturally, linguistically, genetically and ethnically distinct from their neighbours in the Middle East – the Arabs, Syrians, Persians, Kurds, Turks, and Armenians.Midde East is a friendly Christian online meeting place for single Middle East Christians irrespective church denomination.An Assyrian Christian group in an open letter has congratulated President-elect Donald Trump, drawing his attention to the ongoing genocide of Christians by the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East and urging him to fulfill promises and help them return home.