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Meanwhile, this type of closeness makes him feel smothered and trapped.His admiring glances at other girls will leave her incredibly jealous.With the Ram as their standard, Aries tends toward obstinate and self-seeking.

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Ruled by Mars, Aries is strongly autonomous, and can be headstrong and crass, sometimes showing an impulsive or reckless approach to issues.At first, the Aries shows ardent desire and pursues the Crab in a romantic way that sends signals of true love.If Aries is the female, she's bold in her flirtations, to the male Crab's initial aloofness. The flirting and responding -- like a call and response in the wild -- can seem natural at first.Cancer males are drawn to womanly partners, and this can bring out the best in the Aries female.Cancer in love craves emotional stability, even if they're acting like it's all cool and casual.