Are michael stagliano and holly dating

PHOTOS: Bachelor Pad's sexy stars After Blakeley Shea and Tony Pieper triumphed in the episode's challenge and went on their respective dates, Harrison revealed that each member of the house would vote for one woman only during the night's rose ceremony, and that the eliminated female contestant would then choose the man who'd be sent home along with her.VIDEO: Bad boy Kalon woos Lindzi on Bachelor Pad date "I love this twist. It’s definitely something I would talk over with her, and it has only been two days,” he told Access. ” Adding, “I really do want Holly to be happy always,” Michael said. “So it’s kind of has been a whirlwind.” “She had no idea, she was very surprised,” Blake said of their engagement. “I haven’t had a lot of time to ruminate on the wedding.The drama concluded last night on the season finale of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad,” and in addition to a surprising winning pair, there was also a surprise engagement announced. I’m shocked still – so maybe a water would be great, or a commercial break. “Whether it’s on TV, or in a shack on the beach somewhere, I have no idea.On-again/off-again couple Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano beat out the rest of the couples to take home the 0,000 prize, but not without a somewhat surprising --and awkward — announcement. As long as it’s her, that’s really all that matters.” He has, however, already started thinking about starting a family with Holly.

"I'm glad you came back so people could see you're a bad person. She joined Reality Steve on his new Podcast recently and shared a lot of things about her time on the show.She said that "Bachelor Pad" was her favorite of the three shows, but Michelle also dropped a huge bombshell that surprised everyone.Here I am the guy who's going to leave this house, then now it's a roller-coaster," beamed Bukowski, nearly booted after he ineffectively lobbied to eliminate Shea on the August 13 show."I feel like the ball's in my court." Last season's champ Michael Stagliano was also intrigued by the twist, and campaigned heavily to get his alliance members to vote out veteran Erica Rose; he also tried to convince Rose to believe Bukowski was behind her ouster and thus eliminate him.