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With years of training and experience, It’s Just Lunch’s matchmaking team is well-versed in ferreting out every detail, identifying exactly what their clients want and need in a partner.

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“Our clients are not just clicking through profiles,” explains Melissa Brown, the CEO of It’s Just Lunch.

“We send them on real dates, in a real setting.” Their process is centered around the core idea that only a face-to-face meeting can reveal the chemistry between two people — and that chemistry is critical. “At the end of my workday — I didn’t want to come home and look at profiles online,” says Desiree Schlitt, one of It’s Just Lunch’s many success stories.

After fitting in a few hours of sleep and the occasional take-out meal, she barely has enough time to Netflix — let alone hunt for Mr. For the thousands of swamped singles struggling to fit dating between meetings and mergers, there’s It’s Just Lunch.

A personalized matchmaking service that hand-selects each match, It’s Just Lunch has found success in making the dating process more efficient for their busy clients.