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“I needed as much as they needed and that’s not a good mix,” she said.

She claims that he loved her "neurotic girl" antics and that he gave her nicknames like "Snookums" and "Monster.""We shared a love of torturing each other with our failures. His insights into my character were dead-on and — duh! I had him pegged as a cockroach you couldn't kill." 5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles Still, while they eventually broke up and went onto other relationships, Diane has retained a deep friendship with the director, wistfully noting:"I miss Woody.

He'd cringe if he knew how much I care about him, but I'm smart enough not to broach the subject.

A product of Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio, Pacino lurched onto the screen with a turn as a heroin addict in 1971's , with which Pacino concludes over two decades of inhabiting perhaps his most famed cinematic role, Michael Corleone. " To which Al said, with a smile on his face, "Then what did he say? It brings me back [: "Little boy, you need encouragement." I was just thinking the other day about something I had never thought of. When it comes right down to it, it was my mother who said, "I like what you did! Just the other night I thought, Are there any watering holes anymore? You have such a city as this—such a cosmopolitan city as New York—where you know there's a world and an underworld going on besides the one you are seeing out here. And then later, when they were sitting together, he said, "We'll get there, Pop," and there was this incredible sense of justification for what he was doing. The question was, if Michael kills his own brother, is the audience ever going to accept him? If I go back and think about it now, they have something to do with maintaining a certain sanity, because if Fredo was allowed to live, then that would have discredited everything that happened before. I think that's where Francis is talking about a kind of power syndrome and the dream. PACINO: One night I went to the "Night of a Hundred Stars" with Lee Strasberg. I remember Lee turning to me and saying, "You know, darling, I look around, and you know what I see?

In her new memoir, the actress reveals that she frequently canceled dates to binge eat at home.

Diane Keaton won't reveal why she and Woody Allen broke up back in the 70s, but she's not holding back on much else in her new memoir, .

Frequently, she would cancel dates with Woody in order to stay home and stuff herself with "a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, several orders of chips with blue cheese and ketchup, a couple of TV dinners, chocolate-covered almonds, a large bottle of 7Up, a pound of peanut brittle, M&Ms, mango juice, one Sara Lee pound cake, and three frozen banana-cream pies." (And that was just dinner!

)"The demands of bulimia," she wrote, "outshone the power of my desire for Woody.