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This ‘hope is a strategy’ mentality is not going to get you very far.If you are looking for a job, do you just sit around waiting for companies to realize that you would be a great employee?Approaching a Shy Girl Making the First Move Flirting Through Body Language Gauging Her Reaction and Pursuing Further Community Q&A You are interested in a shy girl and want to flirt with her to test the waters but aren’t sure how to break the ice.You're not sure if she likes you, and it could be that she's too nervous or afraid to make a first move or to flirt back.Naturally intimidated by new people and social situations, shy women withdraw in silence to keep their composure and to feel a sense of control.They act shy for fear of saying the wrong thing or acting socially inappropriate.

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Interestingly enough, men love confident women and generally rank it high on their list of desired traits in a woman.2. It's been said that women dress to appease other women.For a man, I imagine this can be quite frustrating.Getting a woman to come out of her shell and interact with you can be very difficult, especially if she is naturally timid or introverted.If you’ve got your eye on a shy girl, there are a few techniques you can try to get closer to her and get her to open up so she sees you as more than just a stranger or a friend.When it comes to women, there is no being shy about it. For her to one day wake up and figure out that you have been there for her all along?