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Client shall not use any of the computer code, graphic design, layout and user interfaces (collectively, "Features") of the Service outside of the Services.Fore See retains all trademark or service mark rights in the Services, and all applicable marks and logos, whether registered or not.The Reseller Ratings platform deploys proprietary technology to facilitate customer reviews of Client's products and/or brand.Other Services provided by Fore See may be subject to different terms and conditions, and Client should consult its purchase documentation for such other Fore See Services. OWNERSHIP AND LICENSES 2.1 Ownership of Saa S Services.Except as expressly licensed below, all aspects of intellectual property rights of every sort in or in connection with the Services are owned solely by Fore See, including methods, trade dress, program code, including source code, FLA files, object code and microcode, formulae, techniques, processes, improvements, designs, software designs, computer programs, and strategies.Other than as expressly permitted under this Agreement, Client may not copy, distribute, display or perform publicly, sublicense, decompile, disassemble, reduce to human readable form, execute publicly, make available to the public, adapt, make commercial use, process, compile, translate, sell, lend, rent, reverse engineer, combine with other software, modify or create derivative works of any material that is subject to Fore See's proprietary rights, including computer code, graphic design, layout, user interfaces, and reports, in any way or by any means, including, but not limited to by electronic, mechanical or optical means.

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(Last updated: June 6, 2016) These Terms of Service (the "Terms") state the terms and conditions under which Fore See Results, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices at 6665 Delmar Blvd., Ste.

3000, Saint Louis, MO, 63130 together with its Affiliated Companies including without limitation Reseller (collectively, "Fore See") provides services.

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