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You know what happens next: on the bus ride home, a wide-eyed Katherine pored over one tale about a man and his female servant.

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At first I thought I'd been bitten by a horsefly or something but then I realized I live in PHX.

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So do you think I should come up with some sort of memorized "miranda rights? Under no circumstances is a slapping/s to the buttocks to be exchanged by either party. I wrestled in high school and know some grappling techniques. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to shoot take down just about any date and easily dominate her from the top mount position.

Some countries have outlawed the spanking of children in every setting, including homes, schools, and penal institutions, but most allow it when done by a parent or guardian.

Thus, the standard form of corporal punishment in US schools (use of a paddle) is often referred to as a spanking, whereas its pre-1997 English equivalent (strokes of the cane) would never have been so described.