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“I believe that the only acceptable method of governance is to be responsive and answerable to the needs of the people,” Okafor reiterates.

She says that governance should be a partnership between the electors and the elected, and any gap, perceived or actual, between the people and those in power must be drastically narrowed.

While most employers ought to find this measure reasonable, I suspect we’ll be hearing about how making basic accommodations for pregnant women is an assault on the free-market or something very soon.

Our clinic focuses on accommodating women’s needs and helping them throughout the many stages of life.

You are an integral part of determining your care and we respect your choices and decisions.

We focus on you as an individual, giving you all of the options available and developing treatment plans that reflect a respect for your values, needs and preferences.

Pushing for a birthing culture that supports a wider variety of birthing choices for women within the medical system is a no-brainer and long overdue.

She observes that there are high chances that women are likely to be elected as governors in the coming elections.

On the other side are doctors and hospitals, which tend to prioritize medical procedures over other options, often at the expense of the overall experience of the laboring woman.

A new recommendation from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists aims to bridge the rift by calling for maternity care providers to consider a wide range of approaches with low-risk pregnancies and working more closely with their patients to achieve the best outcome for everyone.

Childbirth culture in the United States has long been divided among two camps.

On one side, there are the “natural” childbirth advocates, many of whom believe that medicalization of labor and delivery should be avoided whenever possible.