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) and still feel stuck, you may want to try going to a therapist trained in dealing with lust addiction.

Also, if you want to work on emotional and mental health issues that may be hindering your recovery, a therapist could be a great resource to help you achieve the health and balance you are looking for.

Finding the right therapist for your personal needs is not a simple task.

We highly recommend that you use the Relief organization who are the leading experts and resource in the Jewish world for therapist referrals.

I could see why a job like that would be appealing to someone like Rosalie, someone who is comfortable with her body and enjoys the autonomy and freedom the job allows.At one point, she even invites her elderly and pervy (but creepy in an relatively harmless way) landlord into her apartment.Male gaze was just one of the self-erected (umm.) filters I watched the film through, but titillation is never really an objective for .We have been dating for over a year, and for the most part we get along great.The one major sticking point in our relationship is this: He wants to wait for marriage to have sex (PIV [Penis-In-Vagina] intercourse) and I want to have sex, like, 3 months ago.