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At this level, you can raise your voice without sounding harsh or shrill.” -' Good speech is more important than the actual words you say... You’ll look prettier if you slide in sideways.” -' Your hands tell a lot about you. think about it overnight.” Ugh, Stand Up Straighter -' If a girl slumps her shoulders, it’s a safe bet she hopes nobody will notice anything about her.

The fifth note above this is the place where your voice should sound best—pleasant and rich in tone. Note : From ) To Be Pretty -' Do you get into cars head first? If so, your glasses’ lenses are making your eyes look smaller.” -' Fresh as a daisy, neat as a pin, pretty as a picture—you could sum it all up in one word: Girl.” -' To keep teeth pretty, never open curler clips or bobby pins with them; don’t chew on pencils, don’t break sewing thread, and don’t grind your teeth.” -' There is only one reliable gauge of what your best colors are: any color that does something for you when you have little or no makeup on is bound to be right.” -' You may be tempted by boldly colored glasses frames…

Many of you are no doubt heading out to New Year’s Eve parties this evening, celebrating with a loved one or perhaps going solo, in the hopes of meeting someone special to welcome 2011 with.

Ellen Peck, author of the fabulous How to Get a Teen-age Boy and What to do With Him When You Get Him (1969), has a whole chapter devoted to party going, which is so much better than party a party,” she writes, “you have no responsibilities to anybody but you.

The magazine warned certain foods, such as celery, could ‘quite correctly be eaten with the hands’.

However apples and pears should be approached with caution, because ‘fruit causes some embarrassment.’ 'The rules of correct procedure vary,' the magazine warned.